Enhanced Annuity and Annuities

Use the enhanced annuities calculator UK to see if you qualify for enhanced annuity rates. The pension annuity calculator will ask you question about your life style and health to see if you qualify.

Enhanced annuities can get you a bigger income if you qualify for enhanced annuity rates

An annuity converts a lump sum (usually a pension fund) into a regular income that will last as long as you live. The income is taxable and the amount that you get each year will depend on the size of your fund, the pension annuity rates the annuity company offers, your gender, age and health, and the type of annuity that you opt for. You are allowed to take up to a quarter of your pension fund as a tax-free lump sum and most convert all of your remaining pension fund into an annuity before the age of 75.

Enhanced Annuity Quotes