Annuity Calculators

We have developed a range of calculators to help you make your annuity decisions at retirement. Choosing the options available in your annuity is an important step and cannot be taken lightly. Use annuity calculators to help you make these choices simpler by quickly seeing how much each option costs.

Why you should use our annuity calculators

Annuity Rates Calculator

Calculate the best annuity rates. Remember you do not need to buy the annuity from your pension provider. Using an annuity calculator you can see if better rates are available on the open market. Using our annuity calculator you could see for yourself if you can get a better annuity rate than your existing provider is giving.

The annuity rates calculator can also show you the cost of delaying the purchase of your annuity by a few months or even a few years?

Pension Drawdown Calculator

An alternative to annuities is pension drawdown that allows you to keep some control of your pension fund by keeping it invested. The pension drawdown calculator gives you an idea of the minimum and maximum income that can be taken. The pension drawdown calculator is programmed with the Government Actuaries Department (GAD) rates and these cahnge each month. They are age related and different rates apply for men and women.

Pension Annuities Calculator

There are significant differences in the performance of the best and worst pension annuities rates and the calculator will help you find out which ones are suitable to you. The standard options within an annuity are: annuity rate for any relevant age and sex, level or escalating (3%, 5% or RPI), ill health, in arrears or advance, single or joint life with reduction after first death, calculate those you require.

Annuity Calculator