How Does a Guaranteed Annuity Calculator Work?

by admin on July 25, 2010

The guaranteed annuity calculator works by helping you calculate how much income your pension fund will pay at retirement. The basic idea behind the annuity calculator is that you do not have to run around telephoning all the insurance companies to get a quote on the best annuity rates.

The start of retirement is stressful enough without the hassle of worrying how much income your pension will pay you. By using the annuity calculator you can find out in advance how much income you might get. You can probably start looking up to 6 months before retirement to see how much you will get. Remember though that annuity rates change all the time and therefore it will just be a guide.

Principle of the Annuities Calculator

The principle behind the annuities calculator is that given some basic information it will produce a table of results from all the annuity providers it is programmed with. So the more annuity providers that are programmed into the annuities calculator the better. As already mentioned annuity rates change all the time and so in theory you can keep going back to use the annuity calculator frequently before retirement.

One final point to remember is that the annuities calculator is not a substitute for full independent financial advice from an annuity specialist.

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