Talk about Fixed Annuity: What’s the deal?

by admin on April 30, 2010

Talking about life after work, there is so much to be added in the list of concerns. However, most important is, having something to spend during your retirement. What you need is a fixed annuity— an investment to make that is particularly intended for retirement security.

Fixed annuity has common features. One of them is having single premiums or paying only once when you apply for it. Fixed annuity has a fixed interest rate. Investors can be proof that the plans are best especially for the long run. Always compared to the bank’s certificate of deposit, a fixed annuity has 3%-5% solid returns, have lower risks and is tax deferred.

Security for retirement is one of the most sought after features of fixed annuity as each plan holder receives a secured monthly retirement check. You may secure a life insurance that is optional and also create an unlimited number of investments and create more annuity accounts if you think you need it.

Of course, every investment, sale or purchase can get bad. Take heed and get fixed annuity from trusted partners because if not, swindlers may take innocence as a cue to fool you. Fraud deals are out there waiting for people who have no idea how this goes. So, research well, ask only trusted companies who offer fixed annuity. You may even compare from one company to another and learn from each inquiry.

Consider every detail when choosing a company and a fixed annuity deal. Hidden charges are one thing to be careful about. If the plan has hidden charges, then you might as well think again before purchase of your fixed annuity. Also, there are other investment alternatives to make a better retirement life. See what type of annuity is best for your needs by using an annuity calculator and ease your future by securing life in an investment today!

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